Building products business is on concrete foundations

Right tools for the job: One of Ancon Building Products' recent investments was a robot welder.                                                            Picture: Steve Parkin
Right tools for the job: One of Ancon Building Products' recent investments was a robot welder. Picture: Steve Parkin
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Ancon Building Products was built on concrete foundations.

The company’s name is a contraction of ‘Anchors in Concrete’ and just over half its business today involves products designed to overcome potential weak points in concrete structures - where reinforcing bars meet, concrete floors join or balconies are attached to the side of buildings.

As the company developed it diversified into masonry products, which today account for about 42 per cent of the group’s business and range from simple wall ties to sophisticated supports and restraints that secure brick cladding to the outside of multi storey buildings like apartment blocks, schools, hospitals and offices.

Ancon’s expertise in making products made from stainless steel has resulted in it being called upon to make a wide range of tailor made, special fabrications for major projects which require high integrity components that may need to be corrosion and, possibly, fire resistant, too.

The company also designs and makes machinery for threading bars, which is sells to reinforcing bar manufacturers and to companies working on sites which include new nuclear power plants being built in Russia.

“What sets us apart from our competitors is the technical support we give architects and engineers in providing specific design solutions for their projects, offering training and technical seminars for people and going to sites and their practices to help with projects,” says Ancon marketing manager Annabelle Wilson.

Ancon also provides project management services, calling off materials needed per floor, using bespoke design and scheduling on the shop floor and boasts a host of top health and safety, quality assurance and environmental accreditations.

The group’s two Sheffield plants, based on the former site of Firth Brown’s steel works, on President Way, make engineered and bespoke products in stainless and carbon steel respectively, while a third plant in Deeside, North Wales, makes standard products destined for builders merchants.

The company also has manufacturing facilities in Australia and Switzerland, making products tailored to the needs of local markets.

While the market for concrete products is global, the difference between building methods in the UK and continental Europe means most of Ancon’s masonry products are sold in the UK, although there is also some demand in Australia and in the Middle East.