Boss: We want to play role in local community

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Edward Naylor’s enthusiasm for the family business he took over 13 years ago is palpable and infectious.

“I think it is a fabulous business, with great people, and we are having fun,” he says

“My main aim is to make sure it doesn’t get boring. I want to keep people bouncing out of bed in the morning and being genuinely excited about going to work.”

He’s also keen to see the business play its part in the local community and doing its bit to protect the environment.

Naylor Industries has donated pipes to help a local badger group build setts.

At the instigation of its own, factory-based “Green Committee,” the company has installed bird feeders and bat boxes.

It also maintains a number of bee hives, selling the honey from its factory shop, which opens on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from March to September and regularly attracts visitors from as far afield as Nottingham.

The Green Committee has also been “spectacularly successful” in reducing energy usage and waste, says Edward Naylor.

The company has installed Smart Meters to document energy use and point to ways of minimising it. A total of £100,000 was spent on energy efficient lighting with a payback time of 18 months for the investment.

Naylor’s overall electricity bill has been reduced by two per cent a year and its overall energy bill has gone down by five per cent a year.

Recycling has also become de rigeur.

“It’s now virtually impossible to throw something away in this building,” says Mr Naylor.

All the waste bins got confiscated and we’ve now got hundreds of recycling centres. Our objective is to become a ‘Zero waste to landfill’ company in two years.

The company is also doing its bit for skills, employing six apprentices and providing training for the rest of the workforce, too, while maintaining its Investors in People Bronze Award status.