Biotech business targets the US

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Healthcare technology company Kirkstall is targeting the US for growth.

The Sheffield Bioincubator-based business develops innovative testing technologies that can be used to screen products for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for toxicity, without using animals. Its tests use human cells, giving the added advantage of reducing the risk of problems in human trials.

Kirkstall’s work has been identified as having real potential in a global market.

Now, the company has become one of four taking part in a mission to New Jersey, to explore opportunities.

The mission is being hosted by Grant Thornton, which manages Yorkshire Forward’s Investing in Health programme.

Programme manager, Lisa Ward, said: “Kirkstall is at the forefront of the development of testing compounds before they are used in, or on humans, so we’re confident that the company will be of interest to some of the corporate ventures in the US who have an appetite for investment.”