Ashleigh has bone to pick with KFC

Scare: Ashleigh Thomas with son Romayn and, inset, the boneless chicken from KFC with a bone in it

Scare: Ashleigh Thomas with son Romayn and, inset, the boneless chicken from KFC with a bone in it

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NO bones about it – KFC says its boneless chicken is just that.

But Ashleigh Thomas was horrified when she popped a nugget into her eight-month-old son’s mouth and he started yelling.

She quickly got Romayn to open up and saw a piece of bone nestling at the centre of the deep-fried treat.

Shaking, she approached the counter at the store on Haymarket in Sheffield, only to be fobbed off by staff, she says.

Ashleigh, aged 23, said: “He could easily have choked to death, thank goodness he wasn’t injured.

“But when I spoke to staff they didn’t apologise or seem to have any procedures to respond to something like this.

“All they did was ask me if I wanted a fresh box!

“I asked for the manager, but no one came for ages.

“Just as we were leaving a man came over and said sorry and blamed their supplier.

“But he wouldn’t say who it was, nor did they have an incident form.

“When I got home I phoned customer services and they were the first people to say sorry.”

Ashleigh, of Crumpsall Road, Shirecliffe, was eventually sent a bag in which to return the bone for analysis.


A SPOKESMAN for the franchisee that operates KFC in Sheffield said: “The quality of our food, and our customers’ experience at our restaurants, are both very important to us. We have high standards of food preparation and customer service, so we’re very sorry for Ms Thomas’ experience.

“Our popcorn chicken arrives at our restaurant pre-prepared from our suppliers, so we will be contacting them to find out how this isolated incident happened. We will also be in touch with restaurant staff to remind them of the processes they need to follow.”

KFC’s website states: “Because they’re no bones, when you’ve finished, all that’s left is an empty box.

“This is fine food without the fuss.”

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