Another deal for Nuclear AMRC

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A nuclear research centre in Rotherham has signed a second agreement in a week to work with a commercial company on projects that will support the industry.

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre has signed a memorandum of understanding with engineering consultancy Atkins on research and on training for the UK’s civil nuclear supply chain.

The Nuclear AMRC will involve Atkins in key areas of its manufacturing R&D, including small modular and micro reactors, fuel cycle, waste treatment and management activities.

The deal comes after the organisation - part of the University of Sheffield - last week signed an agreement to work with US developer NuScale on a nuclear reactor that can be transported on a lorry.

Mike Tynan, Nuclear AMRC chief executive, said: “I am delighted to sign a collaboration agreement with Atkins, a successful, experienced and innovative company in the global civil nuclear marketplace.

“Both our organisations are committed to excellence in the industry and are determined to drive a new era of civil nuclear power.”