Anger at Sheffield roadworks ‘nightmare’

Traffic lights at Leppings Lane junction with Penistone Road and Herries Road
Traffic lights at Leppings Lane junction with Penistone Road and Herries Road
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Angry motorists have described delays caused by changes to a major Sheffield road as a ‘nightmare’.

Star readers have hit out at the disruption being caused by roadworks on Penistone Road, which are taking place to make changes to the road layout near the site of a new Sainsbury’s being built in Wadsley Bridge.

As part of the development of the new store – which will bring 250 jobs to the city – Sainsbury’s agreed to make changes to Penistone Road, including replacing the roundabout at the junction of Penistone Road, Leppings Lane and Herries Road with a traffic light-controlled crossroads, at Sheffield Council’s request.

Sainsbury’s have said they are into the ‘final stages’ of the work and have thanked nearby residents and passing motorists for their patience.

But users of The Star’s Facebook stage have said the disruption is ‘beyond a joke’.

Peter Flynn said: “This is yet another traffic debacle caused by our genius planners.”

Karla Thompson said: “I’m lucky to be able to avoid it as much as possible, but when I have to go round there it is manic and stressful. It needs sorting, fast.”

Lee Williams said: “I was stuck for 45 minutes last week from Kilner Way just to the roundabout at the bottom.” But he added: “It is a nightmare but we need it so I’m not going to moan.”

And Dan Douglas said the problems will not last forever. He said: “I think people moan about Sheffield roads, then moan about roadworks to improve Sheffield roads. It’s a temporary inconvenience.”

Jayne Grayson added: “It is bad but it won’t be forever.”

But Lyndsay Rose said she was not sure the problems will soon be over.

She said: “Since the roundabout has gone there are too many traffic lights to negotiate heading into Sheffield just before you get to where the roundabout used to be.

“The queues are horrendous and if they don’t bring back the roundabout I can’t see how the problem is ‘only temporary’.”