Angels’ £350,00 aid infections fight

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Bacteria that cause two out of every five infections affecting hospital patients could be given their marching orders after a medical materials company, capitalising on research at Sheffield University, received a £350,000 boost from the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels.

Camstent develops patented polymer coatings that resist the growth of bacteria known as biofilms on medical implants and devices.

Initial applications are in coating urinary catheters to prevent urinary tract infections, which account for 40 per cent of all hospital acquired infections.

Trials at Brighton University have demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology in combating the micro organisms responsible for infection and six members of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels have provided the funding to further develop the technology, prepare to secure regulatory approval and start talks with potential licensees of the technology.

Among the six business angels investing in Camstent is Neil MacDonald, the current Junior Warden of the Cutlers Company and finance director of Rotherham-based seal manufacturer, AESSEAL, who was chief financial officer of Sheffield-based specialist engineering group Firth Rixson.

He says: “I’ve been really impressed with the product, the company and the clarity of the business plan. This platform technology has huge potential because it could be applied to any number of implants and devices where biofilm – and infection – are a problem.”

Camstent, which is based in Cambridge, secured the investment after making a presentation to an investment forum, organised by the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels, whose members include 130 potential investors and more than 70 business mentors and potential non-executive directors.