Ambitious plans for the future

Chesterfield BioGas's installation at Didcot
Chesterfield BioGas's installation at Didcot
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Chesterfield BioGas has ambitious plans to build a local supply chain, start manufacturing itself and launch its own Research and Development programme as demand increases for its green technology.

“We hope to have manufacturing facilities up and running by the end of this year and be supplying the first plant to a UK customer,” says managing director Stephen McCulloch.

“I think we can take the business to the next level; from design and manufacturing to installing and offering a full package.

“We are looking at UK suppliers and we are looking at how to improve the system. We are in a manufacturing city, with facilities like the Advanced Manufacturing Park and we have got to utilise what we have got around us.”

Until now, Chesterfield BioGas upgraders have been built by technology developer Greenlane at their headquarters which has moved from New Zealand to Holland, but the Meadowhall firm says its partner is aware of its future plans and comfortable with the prospect.

“We hope to work with Greenlane to become a global business,” Stephen McCulloch adds.

Prospects are certainly looking good.

Chesterfield BioGas has built on its early success with British Gas’s parent group, Centrica, for which it installed a smaller biogas upgrader to allow methane produced at Didcot sewage works in Oxfordshire to be fed directly into the gas mains and used by domestic and commercial customers.

More recently, it won a contract from Doncaster-based Prosper De Mulder’s ReFood subsidiary to install a full scale upgrader in Warrington to turn waste food into a biogas that can be pumped directly into the domestic and industrial gas mains.

Now, prospects are opening up for further work with PDM, possibly on the AD plant the company has at its Doncaster headquarters, which currently uses raw biogas to generate electricity.

The company is also supplying an upgrader for an AD plant that will process spent grain from a distilling process and in talks with a number of other customers.

When it comes to clients finding funding for projects, Stephen McCulloch says banks, Venture Capitalists and others are now looking at the sector with a lot of expectation and the gathering momentum has been reflected in the performance of parent group Pressure Technologies share price, which has trebled since July.