Advice and ideas on hand at MADE festival fringe event

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Gather round for some good advice from your peers – and those with success under their belt too.

Sheffield events company Freshly Squeezed is organising a MADE Festival fringe event called Bring It To The Table in which start-up business owners will sit round, tell their story and present any problems they’ve encountered along the way.

Also pulling up a chair will be successful entrepreneurs from a range of industries with a wealth of experience under their belt.

Celina Ploskonka, one half of Freshly Squeezed, said: “It will be an ideal platform to engage in discussions with a like-minded group and pick up some fresh ideas.

“As a new events management company from Sheffield, we’ve experienced first-hand the invaluable tips and business contacts that can come from networking sessions like this.

“And to make it even better Jill White and Andy Hansleman from Andy Hansleman Consultancy will be facilitating and guiding each session. They have over 20 years’ experience helping to develop businesses, not to mention bags of charisma, so we have no doubt you will be in very capable hands!”

Bring it to the Table costs £12 and will run three times on September 24 at Bloo 88 bistro on West Street in Sheffield. Participants can network over lunch together from noon to 1pm.