A chance to learn eco-friendly driving

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It’s always the other motorist who is in the wrong.

Most drivers are less than keen to acknowledge their faults or take advice on their mistakes, but despite this Moira Benson aims to make money doing just that. She is a trainer in eco-safe driving techniques which claim to save 10 per cent on fuel costs, potentially saving businesses hundreds of pounds a year.

It helps that her services are free.

Until the funding runs out, any South Yorkshire business drivers can benefit from this free training whether they are fleet, delivery, commuter, or only drive to occasional meetings.

The training consists of two hours in a car with Moira, a trainer with Blue Car driving school in Norton, followed by a feedback session on how to apply the techniques to any vehicle.

She said: “As drivers we love to complain. We moan about the amount of traffic, the state of the roads, the cost of insurance, other drivers doing something stupid, and the favourite one is the cost of filling up 
with petrol, diesel or other fuel.

“Most of these problems we can do nothing about but what if there was something practical we could do?

“The way we drive can have a huge impact. Are we willing to upskill our driving and put ourselves and our driving up for assessment?”

Updated techniques can be learned on how to squeeze every last mile out of our fuel, whether fossil fuel or alternative.

South Yorkshire business drivers can access funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund through organisations such as Inmotion and eDrivingSolutions to train employees, directors and drivers in more fuel-efficient eco-safe techniques.