£8,170 cost of regular bills for families

A map showing what different parts of the UK are paying for household and personal bills
A map showing what different parts of the UK are paying for household and personal bills
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South Yorkshire bill payers are facing tough times, as research shows that household bills remained at their highest level in 2013 with UK families having to find around £8,170 to pay their regular bills.

According to the research by Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd (Bacs), the people behind Direct Debit, when personal bills are added into the mix - like mobile phone charges, personal loans and membership fees - the average household has to find £12,587 annually, or more than £1,000 every month just to cover regular outgoings.

In the north of England, families faced a combined total of £10,800 from household and personal bills (£7,800 and £3,000 respectively).

This compares with £13,200 in the south, £12,600 in Scotland and £11,600 in the Midlands.

In contrast, Wales has the lowest average for regular household commitments, at £6,400, and a smaller personal bill tally of £3,700.

With those figures in mind, Bacs is giving one UK household the opportunity to live bill free for a year. Just by switching to paying regular bills by Direct Debit, one family could win a £12,000 Big Break.

The nationwide Big Break campaign is being supported by utility companies, local authorities and service providers and asks people to consider spreading the costs of their household and personal bills by paying by Direct Debit.

And by switching to paying a participating company by Direct Debit, bill payers will be entered into a draw for the £12,000 prize.

Mike Hutchinson, from Bacs, said: “Household bill levels, while still high do, appear to have levelled out, and people are making savings where they can - especially when it comes to personal commitments. But regular bill payments still account for a huge chunk of the household budget, and that’s why we’re running our Big Break campaign in 2014.

“Splitting costs across the year could relieve some of the strain on hard-pressed family purses and, with the discounts offered from many billers and service providers for paying by Direct Debit, there’s an opportunity to save some vital pounds.

“And of course, one person will win enough to cover their bills for a year.”

To find out more visit www.thebigbreak.co.uk