100 websites saved by data centre firm

Web tile business
Web tile business
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A Sheffield data centre has come to the rescue of more than 100 small businesses which faced losing access to their company websites after a web-hosting company closed.

HA Hosting, of Holbrook, stepped in and negotiated a rescue deal which allowed clients to continue trading after Nytram Hosting ceased trading.

The firm closed in the summer but its servers were only due to be turned off this week.

The deal will mean HA Hosting acquiring Nytram’s assets and all websites transferred to its data centre.

HA Hosting managing director Rory Delahoyde, said: “After hearing about the problems Nytram were facing, we devised a rescue package, allowing companies which relied upon their services to continue trading by transferring the domains and hosting support to our data centre.

“When a web hosting company closes it can often plunge businesses into chaos, especially when they have very little warning.

“In some cases when a web host closes, a client only becomes aware of a problem when they can’t access their website or emails.

“Email in particular is an essential business tool, but for businesses selling goods online, even just a small amount of down time can have a significant impact – often resulting in significant amounts of money and lost time in trying to reclaim web domains and, in worst-case scenarios, re-build their company website from scratch.

HA Hosting was founded in February 2008 by Rory Delahoyde and Stuart Stones. It offers hosting and data backup services.

The company started out providing hosting services to IT resellers, but in recent years it has had a surge in business from small and medium-sized companies in South Yorkshire.