£10 million plan bolsters growth

Pictured at the Glass Factory at Beatson Clarke Rotherham .
Pictured at the Glass Factory at Beatson Clarke Rotherham .
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Glass container manufacturer Beatson Clark is investing £10 million on furnace improvements and inspection machines at its plant in Rotherham.

The company, which celebrated its 260th anniversary last year, plans to completely rebuild its white flint furnace in July.

Beatson Clark is also installing automatic inspection and dot coding equipment to improve further on quality and traceability and upgrading metal detectors on its production lines, which will be able to separate affected products from waste products that go for recycling.

Managing director Tony McLoughlin said the £10 million investment is an important part of the company’s long-term strategy for growth.

“We’re a long-established business, but we never stand still,” said Mr McLoughlin.

“We are always thinking about how we can improve our products and processes.

“The fact that we are making such a significant investment in our plant in South Yorkshire is great news for the region and an indication that we see growth in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors over the next 12 to 18 months.”

As well as improving the production process, Beatson Clark is also investing in new computer aided design (CAD) technology, incorporating the latest 3D visualisation software, which will enable customers to see 3D images of new products, while they are being designed.

“The animation of the 3D visualisation can be turned 360° on the screen, showing customers what the size, shape, colour and embossing details would actually look like, rather than using an outline drawing that takes time to amend and makes it difficult for customers to properly visualise the product,” said Mr McLoughlin.

n News of the investment comes days after Beatson Clark took the wraps off a new design of tapered beer bottle that weighs 30 per cent less than the traditional bottles the company has been producing.