£10 million deal opens way to further exports

DavyMarkham mining hoists being installed in Canada
DavyMarkham mining hoists being installed in Canada
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Heavy engineering specialist DavyMarkham has won a £10 million-plus contract to supply mining hoists to Canadian gold producer Goldcorp.

The Darnall firm will supply a double drum production hoist that will be used to sink a shaft at Éléonore in northern Quebec and a second double drum hoist that will bring gold to the surface.

DavyMarkham sales and marketing director Gordon Scott said: “The contract…builds on our experience within the mining market, which is opening up more export opportunities within the Americas and other continents as explorations yield undiscovered mineral resources.

“There are few companies with DavyMarkham’s ability to service large contracts of this kind and the safety margins for drum hoists are narrow due to the stresses that their workload consistently applies.

“This means that most large mining companies seek out businesses with a strong track record to supply components such as these.”

DavyMarkham’s success follows previous work for Vancouver-based Goldcorp at Éléonore, which involved supplying the first set of smaller drum hoists for the project.

The new production hoist being made by the Sheffield firm is 20.5 feet in diameter and is capable of lifting 21 tonnes of material from 1.5 miles underground at a speed of more than 30 miles an hour.

Meanwhile, the service hoist, which is 18 feet in diameter, can lift a load of 10 tonnes at more than 20 miles an hour.

Éléonore is close to James Bay in the far north of Quebec.

Gold was discovered there in 2003 and deposits are thought to stretch for nearly a mile underground at depths of more than nine tenths of a mile.

Canada is the world’s largest exporter of minerals and metals and one of the largest producers of gold. There are more than 250 mining exploration projects in the north of the Quebec province and dozens of active mines.