Political meets the personal as Sheffield photographer captures the predicament of city couples hit by Brexit

The UK's vote to leave the EU was a momentous political decision - but a new photography exhibition is bringing Brexit's equally significant personal impact sharply into focus.
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Jenni Murray

Star Interview: Barnsley broadcaster Jenni Murray sees history through the eyes of Britain’s great women

Jenni Murray might just be the only person ever to have silenced Margaret Thatcher. The broadcaster has achieved many things - there’s her damehood, for starters, and the fact she’s presented Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 for 30 years - but rendering the formidable ex-Prime Minister speechless ranks highly.

Peter Fiennes

Getting back to nature by exploring woodland

When the Government announced its intention to sell off up to 150,000 hectares of English forests and woodland seven years ago, campaigners mounted a determined fight - and the furore convinced Peter Fiennes the time was right to pick up his pen.

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Girls dressed up for a 'teenage night' at a Sheffield club, 1961, by Roger Mayne

Exhibition puts camera innovator in the picture with images of Sheffield

A group of girls congregate at the edge of a dancefloor, all with pleated skirts, one draining the last dregs of a bottle of pop. They’re dressed up for a ‘teenage night’ at a Sheffield club in 1961 - frozen in time in a picture by renowned photographer Roger Mayne.

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The Cutting Edge water feature and fountains outside Sheffield railway station

'For a brief moment, Sheffield becomes the Rome of the North': Why new book ranks city's railway station among Britain's best

Is Sheffield on a par with the great European capitals? Simon Jenkins thinks so - or, at least, he does when standing outside the city's railway station as night falls.
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Joe Doldon, The Thrifty Maker

'Little mesters' of the future find a home at Sheffield firm with 140 years of history

We're exploring a place where Sheffield's industrial heritage meets the new. Trays filled with gleaming pewter hipflasks are piled up in corners ready for dispatch, a craftsman is spinning handmade metal bowls at lightning speed in a workshop that looks unchanged since the 1940s - but just a few metres away, work of a very different sort is being produced.
Richard Eyre at The Moor Markets in Sheffield

Star Interview: How chief steers Sheffield’s city centre and its biggest events

There’s an important anniversary in Sheffield next year - but despite being two decades old the celebrant looks as good as new, thinks Richard Eyre.

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Firth Park on a rare, rain-free morning last month. Picture: Chris Etchells

Dry days a rarity in a month of middling weather in Sheffield

Temperatures were precisely average in Sheffield in September - but rain fell last month on the highest number of days since 2001.
Eve Jackson, Phoebe Nicholson and Sophie Anstey read The Star at Mundella School. Picture by Andrew Roe

How Sheffield schools can make the news as reading project returns

Hold the front page - schoolchildren in Sheffield are getting the chance to taste life as a journalist through the return of a fun scheme.
David Raynes working on a ring

Newlyweds show pride in Sheffield with Steel City rings

"It's a double whammy," says jeweller David Raynes, explaining why couples whose partnerships were forged in Sheffield are lining up to buy his finely-crafted wedding rings made from genuine city steel.

Edmund 'Eddie' Dore

Farewell to popular retired Sheffield headteacher

A well-known retired headteacher who taught pupils in Sheffield for nearly 40 years has died aged 89.

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Bob Kerslake

Arena bombing inquiry chaired by former Sheffield Council chief opens for evidence

An inquiry into the emergency services' response to the Manchester Arena bombing in which a Sheffield woman died has started gathering evidence - and is being chaired by a former city council chief executive.
Helen Mort. Picture: Dean Atkins

Star Interview: Why Sheffield writer Helen Mort thinks reading a poem is just like enjoying a pint

“Poetry is for everyone. You can read a poem in the way that you can go and have a pint. It can be an event, it can be fun, and anyone can do it. Listening to a poem, or taking five minutes out of your day to read something - it could change your mood.”

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